Guerrilla Marketing Techniques Can Be Good

Guerrilla Marketing is all about taking consumers by surprise, jolting them out of whatever they were doing, and delivering a message. Hopefully the message is favorably received, a positive, lasting impression is made, and a viral effect is triggered.

Keep in mind not all IMC campaigns are geared towards generating sales and pushing product, some are raising social awareness for the greater good.

Here’s an excellent example of an alternative campaign that launched March 26, 2018. Do you see why it has grabbed the attention of both passerby and the press?

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)

(Photo location:

Campaign to raise awareness about the suicide rate in the UK.

A group called Project 84 created 84 life-like statues of men and put them on top of the ITV building as symbols of the 84 men who commit suicide every week in the UK.

Although this campaign is focused on the issue of the alarming high suicide rate in the UK, it’s definitely generating buzz all over the world –

84 statues appear on London roofs in a startling suicide-awareness campaign

Here’s why 84 male figures are standing on the edges of London rooftops

Here’s an example of another campaign that brought about significant social change.

Médecins du Monde — an international humanitarian organization that erected 300 tents in Paris in 2005 to raise awareness of the homeless issue.


Because of this campaign the government held a special session and allocated $10 million for emergency housing.

Read more – Six great guerrilla marketing campaigns

Disturbing? Yes. Controversial? Absolutely. But a necessary evil in an message saturated world? Probably.

What positive change have you seen from alternative marketing campaigns?

Please share your thoughts.




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